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The Construction

      • Fashion-Forward Styling
      • European Trends
      • Urban Functionality
      • Chic boots, flats and pumps for the woman on the go


        • Luxury Comfort Technology Build into Each Style
        • Sacchetto Construction for Ultimate Flexibility
        • Lightweight Heels and Cushioned Wedges
        • PORON Cushioned Insoles 
        • Arch Support
        • Balanced Heels
        • Extensive Fit Testing for Consistent Fit and Comfort from Style to Style
        Sacchetto Construction


        Italian for “little bag,” sacchetto construction is a rare old-world shoemaking art practiced by only a few factories in Italy. It requires the painstaking technique of hand-stitching the lining and the insole together and then sewing the whole piece to the upper before shaping on a last for days. Much like the process of wearing two socks while hiking to avoid blisters, the inner sock molds to the foot and moves independently from the outer shoe leather allowing for an unparalleled fit.

         Sacchetto Construction